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100 Day Project 2019

In 2019 I decided to participate in the "100 Day Project" on Instagram. I follow many artists who do it and I decided it was my time to take the challenge. I had to commit to do something creative for a minimum of ten minutes every day for 100 days from April through July and post my artwork on my Instagram page. I chose to draw, doodle and color spreads the vintage book "Roberts Rules of Order" that I picked up at a garage sale. I loved the old delicate yellowing pages and it was nice and small, about 4x5 inches. Below are a few of the my favorite spreads. It was hard to choose because there is something I like in all of them and I like that they are all so different. This challenge was really fun and pushed me to make art every day. You can see the whole collection on my Instagram feed.  

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