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A B O U T  M E

My name is Ilene Price and I am an artist, designer and creative soul. I believe in being happy and doing what you love. For me, that’s doodling and creating colorful watercolor and ink mandalas and other scribblings. Nature is my biggest inspiration. I am naturally drawn to its colors, shapes, textures and patterns, and I am forever snapping pictures everywhere I go for inspiration. Whether it’s a seed pod I find on the ground or the texture of peeling paint, I see the beauty in its form and use what I observe to create whimsical motifs for my artwork.


I studied graphic design at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and worked in the field for many years before I put my structured designer brain aside and let my inner boho artist out. The most important thing my graphic design education taught me was how to really “see” the world around me and I use that to find my inspiration.


Creating my artwork is a meditative and intuitive process for me, combining the composition, symmetry and color I learned in design with my organic play and whimsical line work. I continue to experiment with different materials and love learning new techniques along the way. 


Whether it is drawing, painting, designing, taking photographs, or simply rearranging the furniture in my house, I try to be creative in some small way every day. I can’t imagine doing anything else and I am thankful to be able to pursue my passion. My studio is my happy place...

I try to live by these following mantras...

• Do what you love ~ to love what you do.

• Be kind and have a grateful heart.

• Enjoy the smallest, simplest things in life.

• Choose happy, it's good for your health.

• Your wings exist, let go and fly.

• And use the whole box of crayons.

My gift to you for visiting my website...

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