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The ABC's of Non Consent


You're Never Too Old to Learn Your ABC's.

The ABC’s of Non-Consent” is a short illustrated poem written from love and available on Amazon. Its words are simple, straightforward, yet powerful and its aim is to help parents talk with their kids about what is, and what is not consent.

When my daughter was about to embark on her freshman year at college, I began therapeutically jotting down my own thoughts and fears after seeing a high school program about rape on campus. Somehow, unplanned, my scribblings and doodles evolved into a poem and then into book about consent. Through poetry and illustration, I've outlined different examples and scenarios that a young person can find themselves in, such as accepting a ride home, going on a date or dancing at a party. I also try to explain simply what means "yes" and what means "no".

This book's intent is to help prompt those "carpool conversations" about how behavior or appearance does not demonstrate intent. My hope is that it helps assist parents when speaking to their kids, of any gender, by creating a dialogue that will help them understand this important subject.

It has been a wonderful experience writing, designing and self publishing this book. It was reviewed in Harvard University's student run paper, The Harvard Independent, and I was asked to write a guest blog post about respect on after sending them a copy of my book.

Click here to see some of the celebrities who received my book at a Hollywood event!


You're Never Too Old to Learn Your ABC's.

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