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My Brain Never Stops...

The Mind of an Artist or of a Crazy Person, Same Thing

As I was sitting thinking about what to write in this week's blog post today, I made a list of all the things that inspire me. I laughed as I realized that my list of inspiration, really my list of obsessions, was crazy long. Most sane people probably have one or two things that inspire them. I have a zillion.  I have already mentioned in some of my earlier posts how I collect things that "speak to me" or purchase clothing because I fall love with its textile design or buy home decor because I am drooling over its form, color and texture. I’ve also written about how I take photographs for inspiration of everything from nature to rust. My brain doesn’t stop when it comes to being inspired. I’m don’t know if that’s a normal thing or a slightly crazy thing, but it's my thing.  My list consisted of things like the beauty of shadows and reflections, architecture, aerial views of the world, clouds, rocks and crystals, sacred geometry, symbols, nature and so forth. The list went on and on. In any case, today I didn’t end up writing about any of them, but all of them together create a self-portrait of my crazy mind and how I think. I wonder if I could write about something uninspiring and ugly next week?


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