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  • Ilene Price

Karma: "I Saw That!"

What Comes Around Eventually Goes Around...

Karma: "I Saw That!", What Come Around Goes Around

We constantly say to be kind to one another, to be gracious and to be a good human. For the most part many of us are, but there are those out there who are not. I get so upset when I hear of someone being unkind or having no empathy for another human being. I truly believe that karma will catch up with that person, karma will always find you.

We tell our kids there are consequences when they do something wrong, well there are consequences when we adults do as well. Karma knows no skin color or political party. She, (and yes I say she), treats all of us equal so watch how you behave, what you say and what you do.


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My name is Ilene Price and I am an artist, designer and creative soul. I believe in being happy and doing what you love. Read more...

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