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  • Ilene Price

Sandy Toes Here I Come!

I can't believe it's summer already. I am sooooo ready for it. I have a lot of plans this summer to revamp and refocus my business. (Of course there will lots of be sunshine and sandy toes too...) There is always so much going on with life in general and I never seem to find the time to blog or post or pin or tweet as much as I would like to. Hopefully this summer I can organize all that is "social media" in my world and streamline a system for myself that is easy to follow and keep up with. Maybe its as simple as scheduling, like blogging on Mondays, pinning on Wednesdays, Tweeting on Fridays etc.... My big task this summer will be redoing my website. I created it in iWeb, but I now have to do it over from scratch since Apple is doing away with the program, shame on you Apple! I also want to look into finally opening a shop in Zazzle. And on top of that I went back to my graphic design roots and took on a nice freelance design job for the summer. My summer is going to be very busy! And then there is finding time to just "play" not just creatively, but perusing the websites, blogs and Pinterest boards of fellow TAG members. I love them all... I start and before you know it 2 or more hours have gone by! Everything is so awesome and inspiring. And as if I didn't need another "toy" or distraction, I discovered Instagram and a ton of fun photo apps for my iPhone! There just isn't enough time.

And with that said I should have posted this two weeks ago! I recently gifted Nicole Richie through The Artisan Group. Here is a picture of what I sent her, a glass pendant, some notecards, a hamsa t-shirt and of course my hand watercolored note that I have been doing for all the celebrity gifts. I love doing these gifts. It's a really nice way to get your products directly into the hands of a specific celebrity. I also just booked my spot to have my business cards in The Artisan Group's swag bag again. LOVE TAG!


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