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"7th Heaven" and "Secret Life..." Star Loves My Message!

I received an amazing surprise when I checked my email last night. After all of the hullabaloo the last few days tweeting about GBK Production's Emmy Gift Lounge, yesterday was a fairly quiet catch up day. But around 7:15 last night I received an email from actress Beverley Mitchell, (best known for portraying Lucy Camden on "7th Heaven" and Kaitlin O'Malley on "Secret Life of the American Teenager"). She was thanking me for my gift. I almost fell off my chair! Here's the email she sent to me...

Ilene, I just wanted to shoot you a note and say thank you so much for your beautiful cards that I received in my Emmy Gift bag from the Artisan Group. I absolutely love your cards and they embody all the positive messaging that I am all about. You have a fan here. I just wanted to let you know and again say thank you. Have a beautiful week and thank you for your beautiful gift!     Beverley Mitchell     from 7th Heaven, Secret Life of the American Teenager and so on

How awesome was it that she took the time to write me a personal note! I saw that she had tweeted about The Artisan Group on Saturday, the day of the gift lounge, but never thought she would actually send me an email! 

I'm still waiting to receive other feedback and hopefully photos of some celebrities with my display piece. The photographers that were there take so many pictures, it takes time to go through them. Hopefully we will have them around the end of the week. I guess the butterflies can live in my tummy a few days longer... I can't wait!


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